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New-Ray (#SS-76302-D) 1/20 Scale

Playset includes: • Hunter figure • Rifle • Compound bow • Three deerMade of durable plastic

Eaglemoss (#DCJUK002)

Inspired by the fan-favorite Justice League Animated Series comes this bold Wonder Woman figurine. The Amazon princess appears strong and unafraid. As part of the Justice League, she has faced countless threats but never wavered from her responsibility. The DC Comics figurine captures Wonder Woman with all of the classic elements of her comic book blue and red Wonder Woman costume, her tiara, gauntlets, eagle crest, stars, striped boots, and the lasso of truth on her hip. The Wonder Woman figurine comes complete in retro-style packaging with a 12-page magazine about our heroine where we examine the gifts from the gods given to her.

New-Ray (#73617-C) 1/12 Scale

Includes grass and four Mallard DucksMade of durable plastic

Eaglemoss (#WHPUK005) 1/16 Scale

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Figurine Collection • Cast in Metallic Resin • Hand-Painted Figurine • Approximately 4.4 Inches Tall An Occamy is a serpentine-bodied magical creature with a pair of wings and a sharp beak. They first appear in the 2016 film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. They are known to be choranaptyxic - growing as large or shrinking as small as necessary in order to fit in the available space. Newt had several Occamies in his enchanted suitcase as they are highly sought after for their eggs, which are made of the purest silver. Accompanied by a full-color glossy collector’s guide looking at the magical beast, its key moments, and essential facts about J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World.

Eaglemoss (#TWDUK004) 1/21 Scale

After losing her family, Michonne had to adapt to the apocalypse using her fight-or-flight instincts. In this pose, Michonne draws her katana back behind her head ready to strike. She is an especially skilled swordswoman and her blade enables her to quickly eliminate groups of walkers.

Eaglemoss (#STBUK010)

Jean-Luc Picard is an iconic Starfleet captain, archaeologist and diplomat. Picard witnessed major turning points of galactic history and played a key role in changing it. He made the first contact as captain of the Federation's flagship with more than 27 alien species, including the Borg and the Ferengi.

Eaglemoss (#ALNUK042) 1/16 Scale

• Cast in Metallic Resin • Hand-Painted Figurine • Approximately 5-1/4 Inches Tall Doctor Jonathan Gediman was a psychologically unsound individual in Alien: Resurrection. Tasked with recreating the Xenomorph species, the Doctor cloned Ellen Ripley and the alien species inside her. When his creations escaped containment, he was taken alive and cocooned in an alien hive, but he was ultimately destroyed by the unique Newborn mutation.This highly detailed Doctor Gediman figurine is crafted and painted by hand, depicting him in his white lab coat, white trousers, and his hair greased back into a low ponytail. He poses looking down at the strange alien mutation that is breaking through the floor. The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection features the most iconic characters and creatures from all of the Alien and Predator movies. This highly detailed hand-painted model is cast in metallic resin and stands at approximately 5.1 inches tall.

Eaglemoss (#WWEUK014)

The Big Dog does not back down! A WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is now part of our phenomenal WWE CHAMPIONSHIP COLLECTION! This superb metallic resin figurine captures Roman Reigns in his wrestling attire featured at Wrestlemania 32, in which he defeated Triple H, winning the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the third time. Dressed all in black with his signature golden logo on his tactical vest, the figurine stands over 13.4 cm tall and weigh in at 107 grams on a ring style WWE base! Product Features: • Portrays Roman Reigns posing on a stage like base, ruling the ring • WWE logo on the front of the base so you know it's official • Hand-painted for incredible detail • Great gift for WWE fans! The fantastic statue comes with an officially approved 16-page magazine. Written by WWE experts, the magazine takes a look at Superstar Roman Reigns' career, his greatest matches, signature moves and the history of the WWE organization.

Greenlight (#97070-B) 1/64 Scale

• The Hobby Shop Series 7 • Chrome Accents • Real Rubber Tires • True-To-Scale Detail • Limited Edition

New-Ray (#34145-C) 1/12 Scale

Playset Includes: • 11 Dogs • Fireplace • Rocking Chair • Dog Bed • Food and Water Dishes • ArmchairMade of durable plastic