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Daron (#PS5384-3) 1/155 Scale

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is regarded as one of the most successful fighter designs of all time. An American two-seat, twinjet, all weather interceptor, fighter / fighter-bomber aircraft, its first flight occurred on May 27, 1958. With top speeds more than twice the speed of sound, the F-4 established 16 speed, altitude and time-to climb records. An all-around performer the F-4 Phantom II simultaneously served the USAF, USN and the USMC, the first American aircraft to do so, while also serving in approximately 11 other countries. Fighter Squadron 111 (VF-111), also known as the Sundowners is perhaps the most famous Pacific fleet squadron with an iconic insignia. During the Vietnam War, VF-111 made seven deployments, flying over 12,500 combat missions. In 1971, VF-111 joined CVW-15 (NL), on board CVA-43 USS Coral Sea, and transitioned to the F-4 Phantom II. During this deployment LT Weigand and LT JG Freckleton downed a MiG-17 on March 6, 1972 near the Tonkin Gulf. This Die-cast metal airplane model comes in 1:155 scale with plastic stand and is approximately 4 7/8 inches long with 3 3/16 inch wingspan.

Round 2 (#CP7562) 1/44 Scale

World War II changed everything for TEXACO, and with the entry of the United States into the war in 1941, TEXACO became a key supplier of aircraft lubricant products for the Allied forces. 6-billion barrels, out of a total of 7-billion barrels consumed by the Allies for the period of 1941-1945 came from the United States of America, and without the prodigious delivery of oil from TEXACO, WWII quite frankly may not have ended with victory. Built at the Curtiss facility in Buffalo, New York during 1940-1941, the fighter was delivered to the US Army Air Corp in March 1941. It was quickly sent to Wheeler Field, Hawaii in April of that year, becoming part of the 19th Pursuit Squadron of the 18th Pursuit Group. In October 1941, seven months after delivery, the P-40 was involved in a wheels-up landing, requiring her to be placed in a maintenance hangar for repair. The aircraft was still in the hanger undergoing repairs when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. That seemingly minor twist of fate most likely saved the plane from being destroyed. Features: • 2nd in the Series (Fuel For Victory) (2019 Release) • Authentic WWII Graphics • Certificate of Authenticity • 1:44 Scale - 10” Wingspan • Die-Cast Body • Historical Replica • Locking Coin Bank • Opening Canopy with Detailed Cockpit • Rotating Propeller

New-Ray (#21253) 1/48 Scale

Made of diecast metal with durable plastic parts

Daron (#PS5342-8) 1/100 Scale

The P-51D Mustang was built as a long-range fighter and bomber, and was the best fighter aircraft of late WWII, seeing action in other engagements as well. At the time, no other combat plane could go as far, fly as high, or go as fast as the P-51D. In 1944 the Mustang was recognized as the best single seat long range escort fighter. Over 15,000 P-51s were produced. The Big Beautiful Doll is an extremely popular aircraft as it was flown by Col John Landers, who was one of the most famous pilots to serve in the USAAF. He was one of the few pilots who was an ace in both the Pacific and European theatres. This Die-cast metal airplane model comes in 1:100 scale with plastic stand and is approximately 4 inches long with 4 1/2 inch wingspan.

Johnny Lightning (#JLML003-A-CASE)

Includes 2 each of the following: • 1/144 Scale WWII Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback in Olive Drab with Invasion Stripes • 1/144 Scale WWII North American Aviation P-51D Mustang in Silver & Blue with Invasion Stripes • 1/100 Scale WWII M4A3 Sherman Tank in Olive Drab with Invasion Stripes • 1/64 Scale WWII Dodge WC57 Command Car in Olive Drab • 1/64 Scale WWII Willys MB Jeep in Olive Drab • 1/87 Scale WWII GMC CCKW 2 1/2-Ton 6x6 Truck in Olive Drab with Canvas Roof Assortments are subject to change

Daron (#PS5379-1) 1/145 Scale

The E-2 Hawkeye is a twin turboprop, carrier based tactical airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft made by Northrup Grumman Corporation. Its unique 24 foot diameter rader dome mounted on its wings is used for sea and land surveilance, to direct fighter pilots to their target locations, control search and rescue missions, relay radio communications and even as an emergency air traffic control unit. It entered service in 1964 and has been continuously upgraded and operated by 8 different nations, making it the most widely used AEW system in the world. Established in April 1967 the VAW-116 Sun Kings is a US Navy Command and Control Squadron that has a long and colorful history dating back to the Vietnam War Era. The Sun Kings are still operational today. This model is approximately 4 1/2 inches long with 6 3/4 inch wingspan.

Corgi (#AA38306) 1/48 Scale

The pace of aviation development throughout the First World War was nothing short of astonishing and saw the aeroplane become a critical component of any future military planning. Initially required to allow accurate observation of enemy positions and troop movements, it quickly became apparent that denying the enemy the ability to obtain this type of reconnaissance information would be vital and the first aerial duels began to take place. Early exchanges were nothing more than pilots shooting at their adversaries using their service revolvers, but specially designed fighter aircraft soon began to appear, determined to gain superiority of the air. Perhaps the most famous German fighter of the First World War was the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, or Dreidecker, which was produced to counter the British Sopwith Triplane introduced so successfully during the Battle of Arras in April 1917. Produced in relatively small numbers, the DR.1 was operated by elite units and in the hands of such ace pilots as Manfred von Richthofen, earned the aircraft a fearsome reputation.

Air Force 1 (#0107) 1/72 Scale

Features Include: • Heavy-Duty Diecast Body • Well-Equipped Cockpits with Glazed Windows • Authentic Markings • Display Stand Included

New-Ray (#26133) 1/32 Scale

Made of diecast metal with durable plastic parts

Corgi (#CS90623)

Corgi Showcase is a series of top quality die-cast model aircraft suitable for children aged five and over. Each model comes with a display stand. This series is ideal for the young aviation fan and offers a wide range of models to collect including biplanes, fighters, bombers and modern jets.